The history of LZF lamps began in 1995 in Valencia almost by chance. The idea of producing lighting from sheets of wood came into being when the company’s founders Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill were using this material to make some collages. Soon after, there was an exhibition at the Trapazi theatre in Valencia which showcased 247 lamps created by the most talented Spanish graphic designers of the time. So successful was the event that, in its wake, a montage was created in the city centre to sale the lamps. After this, the business – which was initially called Luzifer and which had its own premises and a group of regular collaborators – was established. In 2001, the business began to investigate the use of a new material Plywood®, which it later patented. LZF’s raison d’etre has always been its products. One of its hallmarks is not only lighting as an object but as something which creates a wonderful atmosphere, thanks to the texture, warmth and colour Plywood gives it – as well as the way Plywood itself is used.

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