OK Design

Founded in 2008, OK Design has its base in Copenhagen, Denmark, and operates production facilities in Mexico City and Cairo. At OK Design they design and manufacture unique furniture with an eye towards cultural diversity. This young, dynamic firm is dedicated to produce high quality designs with a global narrative. The Acapulco and Condesa chairs are manufactured in a tough Mexico City neighborhood. Along with high unemployment, drugs and violence are a way of life. The company’s success has allowed it to move troubled young adults off the streets and into good paying jobs. Collaborating with its Mexican manufacturer it has established a clean and healthy environment where workers earn three times minimum wage. They ensure that men and women are paid equally and that no one is asked to work excessively long hours. In the company’s effort to create the safest working conditions possible they have developed a special PVC for the plastic cord in their Acapulco and Condesa lines, free of phthalates and heavy metals which are hazardous substances used by other manufacturing firms.

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