WEINBAUM, founded 2010 in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), creates, manufactures and markets contemporary design furniture. Chairs, sofas and stools by WEINBAUM combine technical perfection with timeless elegance. All pieces are crafted from the finest Argentinean leathers and cowhides for long-lasting comfort. The company was established by Bárbara Giménez Weinbaum. All pieces are handmade, each item tells its very own story. Only quality materials are used that guarantee the exceptional durability and timeless elegance of the products. The cattle (Holstein, Hereford and Shorthorn) that is held at selected estancias throughout the provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe feed during their two-year life exclusively on grass. Untreated, all year round usable pastures and exceptional freedom (two cattle share a hectare of land) provide more than 3,000 calves, cows and bulls at our partner companies with excellent conditions. The result: Exceptionally durable leather whose soft touch will inspire you every day anew.

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