e DePadova

In 1956 Fernando and Maddalena De Padova begin their business activities by importing Scandinavian furniture and objects. This marks the debut of design from Northern Europe in Italy: a revolution that has had a permanent impact on our way of living. In the’60s the company acquires a license to manifacture the products designed by Charles Eames and George Nelson in Italy. De Padova cedes the ICF brand with the license to make Herman Miller products, and launches a line of furniture and objects under the De Padova trademark. With the collaboration of great designers like Achille Castiglioni and Dieter Rams, and above all Vico Magistretti as well as the collaboration with Renzo Piano, have allowed the brand a further step forward and a decisive international leap in the world of design. In 2015 the union of De Padova and Boffi will allow the companies to lead in contemporary furniture design.visit e DePadova