Marset began in 1942 as a family foundry company in the city of Barcelona. In 1965 they decided to dedicate themselves exclusively to manufacturing lighting products, and since then they have established themselves as one of the most high-regarded companies in the field. As a company they have never been afraid to take risks and whilst one may observe the influence of contemporary design in their products, they have always pushed the boundaries of the conventional. Marset is about more than lamps: it takes care of light, in its different nuances and effects, to create atmospheres with character and improve its clients’ quality of life. The main characteristics of this collection are its authentic feel, meaningful simplicity and decorative yet restrained visual approach. Marset’s design team is as international as any company can boast of and included designers from Chile, Germany, Finland and Spain. The variety of backgrounds is reflected in their eclecticism of their products. Every product is unquestionably unique, from the vintage to the futuristic, from the subtle to the bold. Each design is certain to lend personality to any room it is placed in./p>visit Marset