The PLH (placca®) brand from Epic Srl was created in 2006 to satisfy the end user’s need for customization regarding products which had not kept up with the pace of design over the years. PLH put together a team of young Italian professionals who contributed their specific know-how to the success of the project as a whole. MakeUp® was the first product to be commercialized by Epic Srl. It was developed by the Epic Style Center and Technical Office in collaboration with Alessandro Gaja Design, Studio Tecnico Corelli for the electrical engineering, and the technical offices of several electrical contractors for the assembly and installation systems. With a technical background as Industrial engineer, Enrico Corelli, CEO of Epic Srl, has always maintained his passion for art alongside his interest in the technical profession of electrical engineering, and in building automation specifically. The opportunity to collaborate with internationally famous Archistar let him to try his hand at product design as well, first by designing several lighting devices and then creating a line of PLH® commands, which today are among the most recognizable products of their kind on the market.

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