A love of wood led Birgit Gämmerler to establish the Zeitraum company. This was in the year 1990. Plain and simple is good and precious. Zeitraum isn´t just furniture, Zeitraum is an attitude to life and the things around us. The objects which accompany us through life should have character, whilst also being practical, adaptable and unobtrusive. They are a mirror and an expression of their owner, a servant and a friend. Zeitraum’s furniture is attractive because it is of good quality not because of designer frills. It impresses without dominating – exciting in its simplicity. Zeitraum uses only deciduous hardwoods and allow no chemical treatment of the wood. Their surfaces are never sealed, rather treated with biological oils and waxes so they remain open-pored. The wood remains tactile, its inner-quality open to the outside. Both wood and user can breathe.visit Zeitraum